Text-to-speech device

Text-to-speech device

A text-to-speech device is a handy aid for the blind and visually impaired. A text-to-speech device helps you by reading out the text. Using this device helps you regain some of your independence. You can use it to listen to the newspaper, post, magazines and books.

Printed text is converted into speech that is read out to you within seconds. The speech-to-text device is extremely user-friendly, and no knowledge of computers is required. The device can also be connected to an external monitor.

Our text-to-speech device has all basic functionality: fast forward and rewind, navigation in the text, adjustable reading speed, pause, voice options and language options. We also offer the option of saving complete books.

The text-to-speech device is delivered in a handy travel case. The device has an integral battery and is low in weight, which makes it ideal to take with you to your work or on holiday.


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