A Daisy player is a tool that allows people with a reading disability to read books. These reading restrictions include dyslexia and visual, cognitive and motor impairments. A Daisy player has the ability to read audio files that have been formatted according to the Daisy standard.

Daisy stands for Digital Accessible Information System. Spoken Daisy books, magazines or newspapers are prepared and recorded via a predefined structure. This structure makes it possible to easily navigate per paragraph, chapter and page; this depends on the material. Because of this structure, the Daisy version of a document is much closer to the printed version.

Daisy players are small, portable devices with an internal battery, allowing you to continue reading books, magazines, newspapers and documents at home and on the road. With headphones, the user can personally enjoy Daisy books, magazines and newspapers, for example at breakfast, on the beach or before bed.

There is a lively market of Daisy books, so you always have the availability over a scale of books via, for example, your library or reading at http://www.hoerbuecherei-vor-ort.de/


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