Low Vision

Persons with low vision, or a visual impairment, suffer from a great loss of vision for which no treatment or further treatment is available. People with a visual impairment who use our aids regain their freedom and independence. You are once again able to read, view photos, practice hobbies or work with a computer.  Our range consists of electronic magnifiers, electronic handheld magnifiers and text-to-speech devices.

Pain relief

Thousands of people use our TENS appliances – and not without reason. TENS is the abbreviation of ‘Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation’. This refers to the use of weak electrical pulses to alleviate pain. TENS is a natural, effective and safe therapy for the alleviation of acute and chronic pain. TENS can effectively treat almost every type of pain and contribute to an improvement in quality of life.


Does your child still wet the bed? It’s certainly not the only one! Bedwetting is a great problem for both the child and its parents/carers. The child can become uncertain and develop a negative self-image. Bedwetting can also harm its social life, such as at school or an overnight stay at friends, etc. Fortunately, something can be done about it. Studies have revealed that the best method for overcoming bedwetting is training with a bedwetting alarm. Our bedwetting alarm can help your child overcome the problem of wetting the bed.

Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH

Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH is more than a supplier of innovative, high-quality low vision, pain relief and incontinence products: we, in addition to our role as care provider, are also a service provider that supports every user before and after the purchase of an aid.

We, as a real family business, are commited to all our users. We have an answer to every question and we seek or  find a solution for any problem that may arise. We have acquired a great deal of knowledge during the more than 20 years since our business was founded – knowledge that we put to good use in helping you, the user.

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