Rehan has 20 years worth of experience in the production of medical devices, including (magnifying) aids for the blind and visually impaired. 

Rehan conducts market research, develops, manufactures and sells our products completely in-house. We manufacture products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner in the EU.

Our goal is to make everyday life easier and improve quality of life for those with visual impairments.


A competent sales team is ready to answer all your questions and helps you find the perfect reading aid for you:

- electronic magnifiers

- handheld electronic magnifiers

- text-to-speech devices


As a partner of all health insurance companies we are always available to answer all your questions, including questions concerning application and reimbursements of our devices. 


Looky 5


"Since I have the Looky 5 I can go and get my own groceries once again!"


The Looky 5 is the latest addition to the universally known and revered Looky range. The original Looky was the first handheld device to incorporate a centrally located camera along with a handle for convenient use. The new Looky 5 incorporates a bright, vibrant and intuitive touch screen producing superb crystal clear images and exceptional brightness utilising the touch interface on the 5” screen.

Whilst embracing the future we have been careful not to lose sight of the features that made previous Looky models so successful. With this in mind we have still retained the handle, which now has a dual purpose: the handle also contains the battery. The handle can be easily removed for your convenience when the Looky 5 is not in use, and also replaced once the battery eventually depletes. The handle system allows for you to bring along an extra charged handle as back up if you should require it.

The Looky 5 is the most advanced yet simple to use portable magnifier on the market and incorporates many other exciting features in one compact and sleek design.

Rehan Electronics takes great care to manufacture our products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. All products are produced and tested in our eco friendly facility based in Co-Wicklow, Ireland. Our facility is designed to be a low carbon construction with emphasis on natural materials, occupant health and energy efficiency.






Simple, easy to use, portable, faster, that much better!


The new EasyReader is a device which reads texts quickly and accurately. Your mail, magazines, papers or books, within a few seconds you can listen to all your printed texts, read by a natural voice. The device is simple and very easy to use, without any problems with incidence of light, page positioning or quality of paper. The new portable EasyReader with its slim aluminum casing and the built-in battery is your ideal personal assistent throughout the day. 


The new EasyReader uses the built-in scanner to read out the texts. The scanner is  most suited to read pages, and it remains without doubt the most accurate solution for reading your texts. 


The EasyReaeder can really be used blindfoldedly. Light and shade have no impact, hefty books can easily be pressed down and the page is always ideally positioned because the scanner edges are perfectly perceptible. Moreover the scanner offers the highest possible resolution, allowing perfect reading of medicine information leaflets.


Just like its predecessor, the new EasyReader is the simplest device in the world. The limited number of buttons with spoken help messages allows a very simple use. The volume, reading speed, battery status and the Daisy based navigation are easy to operate.


Nonetheless, the EasyReader offers a complete navigation, on letter, word, sentence, line, text block and page level. The device was conceived so that you can operate it like a Daisy player. The new EasyReader allows you to simply scan the entire page without missing even the smallest of details.


The new EasyReader can do it! The camera does a quick scan, and you decide yourself which part of the text must be read. In that way, you can quickly decide yourself what you want to read and you do not have to wait for the device.  Furthermore, you can even scan the page for text, white spaces and pictures. Owing to the unique positioning technique texts become even more accessible. Reading like this makes every page interesting.


The built-in battery allows 7 hours of reading pleasure without any need to connect it to power. The lightweight aluminium casing makes the device very solid and makes it perfectly possible to use it away from your home or office. You can easily scan texts on the road or away from home, without taking up any additional space.


With the EasyReader backpack, you can take the device with you wherever you go. You can even scan and listen to texts with the device inside the backpack. The headset jack allows you to read on the train without being disturbed. The backpack doesn't only hold the device, but also offers room for documents, magazines and books...


With one push on the scan button, the new EasyReader will read the text to you in seconds. The device is very accurate and transfers all text into a natural voice. The new OCR software makes voice recognition even quicker. Now you can even chose to switch off column recognition and to really read the text from left to right.


Texts are read with a crystal clear digital sound quality. The voices sound naturally and are pleasant to listen to. The new EasyReader now offers an even broader range of voices. You can chose between the high quality voices in Nuance Vocalizer or the new crystal clear voices in Acapala. The device has a headset jack allowing you to listen undisturbedly and attentively.


The new EasyReader can export the current text to an MP3 player or USB memory stick. Just connect and the EasyReader will automatically save the text as a text, picture or MP3 file.


Should you still want more options, you can use the optional keyboard to save onto the hard disk, MP3 player or USB memory stick. You can then simply listen to the texts at a later time.






A complete and user friendly desktop solution: excellent functionality, adjustable settings to suit the individual and an ergonomic design combined in one device! During the development of the i-See we have taken into account the various needs of a wide range of users and how the device should fulfill those needs.


The i-See  is able to work with all current TFT-screens between 17 inch and 22 inch. The i-See can be fully adjusted to the personal needs of the end user.


How does a CCTV work?

Place your viewing material on the tableau - this can be a piece of text (both handwriting and print can be viewed) or a photograph. This material will be enlarged on the screen. CCTV's have multiple modes in which the device can be used, such as multiple high contrast modes that are ideal for reading texts. These high contrast modes increase the contrast to incredibly high levels, making the letters clearly legible. It's also possible to choose different colours for the text and/or background while reading. Apart from the high contrast modes, CCTV's also contain a so-called photograph mode with which you can view photographs and images in bright colours. 


Focussing the image

The i-See uses a fast, silent autofocus system. This means you will always have a clear and crisp image on your screen. Even the thickest phone book, medicine packages with small text and photographs are displayed crystal clear. You will always have the option of continuous autofocus (automatic autofocus) or single use autofocus (manual autofocus).


Bright LED lighting

The i-See is equipped with custom bright lighting. This light is softer for your eyes, drastically reducing the so-called blinding effect. Because of this you can comfortably use the i-See both day and night. 


When do I qualify for a CCTV?

You qualify for a CCTV when a significant loss of sight (low vision) is ascertained, making reading without a CCTV not possible or nearly impossible. 


Where can I use a CCTV?

A CCTV can be used at home, work or at school.


Will my insurance cover the costs?

The costs of acquiring a CCTV will be completely covered by your insurance, unless stated otherwise. In order to qualify for a CCTV, it must be prescribed by a low vision expert that is approved of by your insurance agency. 

All health insurance agencies cover the costs of a CCTV by Rehan Medizingeräte.


Who uses an i-See?

People who find that their glasses or hand magnifying glasses are no longer sufficient to aid them in reading or writing. i-See devices are being used to great effect by people with the following conditions: Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Cataracts.



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